As a family, and with it being summer, we travel about once a month. We have some family that live out of town and we go visit them often (about a 3 1/2 hour drive). Teagan does so well on trips and spends most of her time on the iPad watching movies. The iPad has been a life saver on road trips. But sometimes she gets a little bored with it. Next month for my birthday we are going to California!! My husband and I are so excited to go! While we are in Cali, we are going to go to Disneyland! You guys, i haven’t been to Disneyland in about 7 years. I am so excited to go back! Miss Teagan has no idea we are going to Disneyland and she doesn’t even know we are going to California. Our plan is to send her off to school and my husband and I pack in the morning and then go pick her up from school early and head off to California! Then, the morning we go to Disneyland, we will give her a few things that will give her hints that we are going. Such as an adorable shirt made by my sister in law, and an autograph book that I made (there will be a post on that later).

With California being 6 1/2 hours away, I wanted to give Teagan some fun activities to do in the car. I found this fun activity book on Pinterest (found here). I loved this idea of having an activity book! I made it just a little different than the original poster.

Supplies needed:

1″ 3 ring binder

Sticky Velcro

Retractable crayons (this is what we used but you could use colored pencils or markers)


Printed coloring pages and activities

3 hole punch

image1 (11)

To start, you will put Velcro around each crayon. We did the fuzzy part around the crayon so that it was softer on her hand if it rubs against it.

In the original post, she had put the crayons on the front cover of the binder. I had decided to put the crayons on the inside of the binder for a couple of reasons: 1) easier access while coloring. 2) Less chance of getting caught on other things and falling off. 3) I wanted to make a super cute cover for the binder!

image2 (9)

Once the crayons were in place, it was time to find some activities! There are some great sites for printable activities.


Moana coloring pages and activities

Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Connect the Dots (this also has great coloring pages)

Color by Number

Dot Maker Pages

Here are some bingo cards I had created:

car bingo

Restaurant bingo

Store bingo

There are just a few sites that are out there there are so many more you can get coloring and activity pages from. Just search in Pinterest or Google free activity printable pages.

My daughter is so excited to go on our next trip to visit family to be able to use her activity binder… little does she know she will get to use it sooner than she expects! Here is the final look of her activity binder!

image5 (1)image3 (4)

This was such a simple DIY project and such a great activity to take on road trips! I hope your kids enjoy their activity book! I might just have to make myself one! 😉


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