My husband was getting rid of a whole bunch of Voss bottles and before he threw them away, we wanted to find a DIY project we could do with them. So, we went on Pinterest and found this DIY Lava Lamp project! It was fast, easy, and a lot of fun! The original post can be found here (Lava Lamp).

Items needed:

Voss Bottle

Food Coloring

Canola Oil (Original poster used Vegetable oil)

Warm water

image2 (6)

To start, we took the stickers off of the Voss bottles. You don’t want those in the way of your cool Lava Lamp! image1 (8)

We first added the oil into our Voss bottle. We then mixed warm water (we didn’t use warm water with the first one and we thought it turned out more foggy than the second one we did with warm water) with the food coloring. Once mixed well and you have the color you want, add the mixture to your Voss bottle. And the final step, screw on the lid and shake! It is that simple! Such a fun easy project!

image3 (2)

Have fun and enjoy!!


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