Our DIY Pinterest project today was Fluffy Slime. The original post from where I got this little project can be found here. Fluffy Slime We had such a blast making it and even more fun playing with it! It was such a quick and easy fun little activity to do today! to start you will gather your supplies.

You will need:

A Medium sized bowl


Measuring cup


Glue (7.6 oz)

Shaving Cream (3 cups)

Contact Solution (5 Tablespoons)

Food Coloring

image1 (7)

To start, you will pour your glue into your medium sized bowl.image2 (5)

Then, if desired, you can add food coloring! Teagan wanted her slime to be green! Once you add your food coloring you will mix it! image4

After mixing your glue and food coloring, you will want to add your three cups of shaving cream and then mix again!

Once the shaving cream is added, the color of the slime will become much lighter. So if you want, feel free to add more food coloring! Teagan wanted her slime to be a light mint green so we did not add more.

After mixing, you will then add it 5 Tablespoons of contact solution. This makes it stick together and become the slime!

After a little bit of mixing, your slime will begin to look more like slime! Like this!

This was very fun and we BOTH had fun playing in the slime. It was very sticky and stuck to everything to begin with, but the more we played with it the less sticky it became. I would highly recommend this little activity if you don’t mind a little bit of a mess!


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