About Me!

Welcome to DIY Pinterest 101! Let’s face it, there are many of us who have that long list of DIY projects on Pinterest that have yet to be completed. If not, then I must be alone! I know I have a whole board on Pinterest of DIY projects that are just waiting to get done! This Blog is to 1) get me motivated to actually tackle those projects and 2) to show you if they are really as easy as they look! Let’s be honest, there is always that project that looks so easy and then turns out to be a week long project when it should have taken less than a day!

To start, I figured I would share a little about myself and who I am. I am 24 years old, (I had to think about that, I am starting to forget how old I am!). I love to sew, play and teach piano, do crafts, cook (when I am in the mood), and go out and do things with my little family! I have been married for a year and a half and I have two beautiful daughters! Before I married my sweet husband, I served a year and a half mission in Pocatello, Idaho for my church. I served from April 2013 – October 2014. I met my husband in March of 2015 and married him that following November!_JNH9146 (16x20).jpg

He has a daughter from his previous marriage whom I have had the wonderful opportunity to adopt her on June 5th of this year. Here is our beautiful 6 year old! Miss Teagan Piper Fitzpatrick IMG_0127.jpg

This is at the adoption! image1 (6)image2 (4)

Shortly after we had gotten married, about three months, my husband had some blood work done, a bone marrow biopsy done, and an MRI done to figure out why his white blood cell count was so elevated. Once the Doctor received the tests back, he had invited us to his office so we could talk about the test results. As we sat in the room, talking with the Doctor, my worst fear had suddenly come to life. My husband had cancer. Hairy Cell Leukemia. I felt as if my world had come to an end. The Doctor reassured us that he would soon be in remission but that did not ease the pain. We talked about our next step which was chemotherapy. Thankfully it was only 5 days in a row and he would be done. My husband was so sick and had no energy. I am so thankful for the love and support of our family and friends! chemo

After 5 long days of chemo, he was done! We may both look a little tired… but it was a hard week! We were both so thrilled! He more than I, because that meant no more Chemo! He was pretty sick the following week, but he was such a good sport! hes done!

His birthday was just a week and a half after he finished and so we celebrated by going to top golf with his siblings and some of mine! IMG_1028

Before starting Chemo, we had visited with his Doctor on if we would be able to get pregnant once chemo was done. His Doctor had told us that we more than likely would not be able to. So, before treatments started, we tried to get pregnant with no luck. We were devastated. But, despite what the Doctor had told us, we decided to continue to try for a baby. But, to my dismay, I had gone to the doctor and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was told with my levels I would not be able to get pregnant. All hope was lost at this point. At the beginning of May, I decided to take a pregnancy test and was completely surprised when it came back POSITIVE!! We were beyond excited to be adding to our little family! 20 weeks rolled around and we found out we were having a little girl!! image1 (2)

Our sweet little girl was born on December 30, 2016 and she has been loved unconditionally since the day she entered this world! To say she is perfect is an understatement! Meet Emma Ryleigh Fitzpatrick

And here is our sweet little girl today! She is as healthy as can be! image1 (5)

We love our sweet little family!IMG_0835.jpg

Here are some more pictures just for fun!

My family is everything to me and I am so thankful for them! I am grateful for a husband who loves and supports me in everything that I do!


DIY Activity Book

As a family, and with it being summer, we travel about once a month. We have some family that live out of town and we go visit them often (about a 3 1/2 hour drive). Teagan does so well on trips and spends most of her time on the iPad watching movies. The iPad has been a life saver on road trips. But sometimes she gets a little bored with it. Next month for my birthday we are going to California!! My husband and I are so excited to go! While we are in Cali, we are going to go to Disneyland! You guys, i haven’t been to Disneyland in about 7 years. I am so excited to go back! Miss Teagan has no idea we are going to Disneyland and she doesn’t even know we are going to California. Our plan is to send her off to school and my husband and I pack in the morning and then go pick her up from school early and head off to California! Then, the morning we go to Disneyland, we will give her a few things that will give her hints that we are going. Such as an adorable shirt made by my sister in law, and an autograph book that I made (there will be a post on that later).

With California being 6 1/2 hours away, I wanted to give Teagan some fun activities to do in the car. I found this fun activity book on Pinterest (found here). I loved this idea of having an activity book! I made it just a little different than the original poster.

Supplies needed:

1″ 3 ring binder

Sticky Velcro

Retractable crayons (this is what we used but you could use colored pencils or markers)


Printed coloring pages and activities

3 hole punch

image1 (11)

To start, you will put Velcro around each crayon. We did the fuzzy part around the crayon so that it was softer on her hand if it rubs against it.

In the original post, she had put the crayons on the front cover of the binder. I had decided to put the crayons on the inside of the binder for a couple of reasons: 1) easier access while coloring. 2) Less chance of getting caught on other things and falling off. 3) I wanted to make a super cute cover for the binder!

image2 (9)

Once the crayons were in place, it was time to find some activities! There are some great sites for printable activities.


Moana coloring pages and activities

Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Pages

Connect the Dots (this also has great coloring pages)

Color by Number

Dot Maker Pages

Here are some bingo cards I had created:

car bingo

Restaurant bingo

Store bingo

There are just a few sites that are out there there are so many more you can get coloring and activity pages from. Just search in Pinterest or Google free activity printable pages.

My daughter is so excited to go on our next trip to visit family to be able to use her activity binder… little does she know she will get to use it sooner than she expects! Here is the final look of her activity binder!

image5 (1)image3 (4)

This was such a simple DIY project and such a great activity to take on road trips! I hope your kids enjoy their activity book! I might just have to make myself one! 😉

DIY Lava Lamp

My husband was getting rid of a whole bunch of Voss bottles and before he threw them away, we wanted to find a DIY project we could do with them. So, we went on Pinterest and found this DIY Lava Lamp project! It was fast, easy, and a lot of fun! The original post can be found here (Lava Lamp).

Items needed:

Voss Bottle

Food Coloring

Canola Oil (Original poster used Vegetable oil)

Warm water

image2 (6)

To start, we took the stickers off of the Voss bottles. You don’t want those in the way of your cool Lava Lamp! image1 (8)

We first added the oil into our Voss bottle. We then mixed warm water (we didn’t use warm water with the first one and we thought it turned out more foggy than the second one we did with warm water) with the food coloring. Once mixed well and you have the color you want, add the mixture to your Voss bottle. And the final step, screw on the lid and shake! It is that simple! Such a fun easy project!

image3 (2)

Have fun and enjoy!!

DIY Fluffy Slime

Our DIY Pinterest project today was Fluffy Slime. The original post from where I got this little project can be found here. Fluffy Slime We had such a blast making it and even more fun playing with it! It was such a quick and easy fun little activity to do today! to start you will gather your supplies.

You will need:

A Medium sized bowl


Measuring cup


Glue (7.6 oz)

Shaving Cream (3 cups)

Contact Solution (5 Tablespoons)

Food Coloring

image1 (7)

To start, you will pour your glue into your medium sized bowl.image2 (5)

Then, if desired, you can add food coloring! Teagan wanted her slime to be green! Once you add your food coloring you will mix it! image4

After mixing your glue and food coloring, you will want to add your three cups of shaving cream and then mix again!

Once the shaving cream is added, the color of the slime will become much lighter. So if you want, feel free to add more food coloring! Teagan wanted her slime to be a light mint green so we did not add more.

After mixing, you will then add it 5 Tablespoons of contact solution. This makes it stick together and become the slime!

After a little bit of mixing, your slime will begin to look more like slime! Like this!

This was very fun and we BOTH had fun playing in the slime. It was very sticky and stuck to everything to begin with, but the more we played with it the less sticky it became. I would highly recommend this little activity if you don’t mind a little bit of a mess!